January 05, 2004

So, about that vacation

First off, let me say that I love direct flights. OK, done. LAX to Beantown in just about 5.5 hours - not too shabby - minus my DOUCHEBAG pilot, which is worth mentioning. So, context first, right?
1) Recent upgrade to "Code Orange"
2) Cancelled flights out of Paris and England.
3) Morning news flash that cars were not allowed into LAX due to concerns regarding terrorist threats

OK, mood is set. 99% of the flight was un-eventful, until the final approach to Boston. Pilot comes on the PA, announcing that we're in a holding pattern due to an un-market flight traveling up and down the eastern seaboard, who has been "wreaking havoc with air traffic controllers all evening". Oh. Fuck. Of course I start looking for the first middle-eastern asshole on the flight to see who I'm going to have to kill. In any case, next thing you know, the pilot yells "HERE HE COMES!" and jerks the plane right, then a quick left. I shit you not. Must've been a 75 ft lateral move, then correction. I looked out the window so fast I almost got fucking WHIPLASH. Pilot back on the intercom, "Well folks, that was a close call, looks like that guy only had one running light on - a red one - right in front". Fucking Santa Clause. This asshole thought that was gonna be a funny joke. *shakes head*

Now, back to the weather fat kid.

Guess I got lucky (a few weeks ago Boston had 18" of snow or some shit) b/c the weather was about 60 for the first few days I was around. As you can see from the pictures in this post, the weather was a little overcast, but pretty damn nice.

I spent most of my time at home just readin and shootin the shit with the 'rents. Total book tally for week 1 was four I think:

1) Welcome to the Monkey House. Favorite story was, "Harrison Bergeron". You know it's gonna be good when the story's opening paragraph starts:
"The year was 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren't only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. All this equality was due to the 211th, 212th and 213 Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing vigilence of agents o fthe United States Handicapper General."

Hah! Soooo badass....

2) Every Second Counts. I think Lance Armstrong is the most bad-ass athlete of our AGE, let alone the gay-ass "Sportsman of the Year" award SI heaps on him whenever A-Rod is having a bad day. For you doubters out there, try holding his AVERAGE speed for 2,500 miles through the alps pyrenees etc, for one hour. $5 says you can't.

3) The Davinci Code. Cool book my 'rents recommended. Some interesting shit questioning the foundation for the Catholic Church, which is always entertaining.

4) From a Buick 8. A recent work of Stephen King (the master), which, frankly, sucked ass. I'm a HUGE fan of the Dark Tower series, and considering 90% of EVERYTHING King has ever written is "part" of that series, I'm a big fan of most everything he writes. This book was not, though that wasn't the only reason it sucked.

So, in between reading all these books, the only time spent with college friends was @ a house-warming/holiday party for my good friend Doug. Met up with a few folks I hadn't seen pretty much since Dougs wedding, about 18 months ago. :/ Good times, and the Harpoon Winter Warmer was flowing (the best damn beer on the market FYI).

The next night I actually got out for an awesome dinner in Bostons "North End" - the "ital" part of town. Had a pretty kick ass salmon dish at that, though the mussels were a little lacking.

Not much between then and new years in NYC. Highlights of NYC were my buddy Rob hooking up with this (I swear to God) Denise Richards look alike - she wasn't *actually* a look alike, b/c that would be tacky, but this chick was HOT, and resembled her something FIERCE. Good shit. OK, yeah, that was a bad link, but how hot is the pic? Heh. Here's a better face shot. *sighs*

Not much to report after that besides my contracting a cold, and an uneventful flight back home. I won't bore ya with details folks, but let's just say, I'm glad to be back in sunny/warm SoCal.

Catch you tramps around.