January 26, 2004

Paid a visit to the doc this morning

After waiting about 45 minutes in the "ready room", I approached the woman at the front desk to tell her that next time I call, and they tell me I can see the doc "right away", I'd request they keep their promise. Oops. Apparently they forgot about me.

Doc shows up, I explain the symptoms, tell him about the rash etc etc. They do a throat culture, get the results back 5 minutes later - not strep. Hmm. Given the onset and extent of the rash, Doc feels I've got a "very aggressive throt infection" - prescription: 5 day zithromax and cortisone for the rash.

Sweet. So, here I am today, working from home. Very un-exciting stuff, at least I can run around in my underwear all day. Or at least until P or L come home. hehe.