January 05, 2004

My ass is BACK!

(In one piece I might add.)

I'll have to admit - I didn't get a post in yesterday for a few reasons. The first being I'd rather hang out with my gf, heh. The second being, so much went on, I have no idea where to start.

So, for all you waiting with baited breath, expect probably a flurry of posts throughout the day. For, it looks like work isn't going to be as busy as I expect (I just jinxed it, I know) and putting together one post would tax your fragile little brains.

UPDATE: Holy effing shit. I kid you not. I stopped typing that LAST sentence b/c someone came into my office. Only to drop off 1/2 the shit I've been missing for the last 2 weeks. lol. Given the current conditions, expect periodic blogging with light subject fare, maybe a few pics. Heh.