January 11, 2004

I hate cacti

Just back from the 2nd MTB ride this weekend. Let's just say it's been a weekend of pretty bad luck.

Yesterday, within 1/4 mile of the parking lot (on the way back) my buddy took a digger on about a 25 mph downhill right hander. Fortunately, he wasn't injured, no blood, no mess - however, 5 minutes later, when we got to the car, what do I see but a fucking $64 parking ticket on my windshield.


I had the $5 in my pocket to get the sticker, and simply forgot. Booo.

Then, today, out for a nice ride - I went up this long mother fucker hill the fastest I ever have. You know those times when you're working so hard you want to puke? Yeah, that was me, half way up. Heh. Kept going though, suffered it out and kicked some ass. Good times.

Then, on the way down another trail, I've got these new tubeless tires, so I'm getting used to what the tread can and cannot handle, and apparently the tires couldn't handle this one, loose, off camber turn at the speed I was carrying, so they shot me wide. Into a cactus. Hahahahah. My left ring finger is nice and swollen, and had about 15 inch long needles sticking out of it, my left knee caught some too, with about the same number of needles. Heh. Picking those things out is a bitch.

Well, hope everyone's having a great weekend. For all you east coast bitches, it's about 75 deg out here, and sunny. Heard wind chill back home was negative 18 the other day - LMAO.