January 08, 2004

Getting up early

Got up at 0600 this morning to go for a bike ride. Had my first bout of "second thoughts" as soon as I stepped outside and felt a 30-some odd degree day. Damn. Got my shit together, got psyched up and took the Epic out. Did about a 7-8 mile loop, which consisted of a solid couple mile climb (at least it felt like it - the climb was 90% of the time of the ride - 45 minutes).

Most of you know I live in SoCal (and if you didn't, you've now seen the light) - well folks, there was ICE on the road. Where ever there was water run off from sprinkers - ice, water in the gutters down the hill - ice. Holy shit. Of course, as soon as the sun came up, it went away, but not before then. lol

Gonna try and keep this up - I desperately need to modify my sleep cycle from this "go to bed at 2, wake up (painfully) at 7" which is exhausting. Getting to sleep at 10 last night was kind of difficult, but I think I can ease into it. :)