January 24, 2004

Fun in the desert

More to follow. I've got a friend "re-sizing" my .avi files so they are manageable on this blog - right now they're 8 and 9 megs respectively. Oof.

Notably, that was this, with two mods:

1) lefty config (safety/de-cocker moved to opposite side)
2) match trigger (reduces trigger pull, and adds adjustable trigger mech for faster double-taps)

Three notes:
1) You're gonna need Quick Time to view that vid
2) The shitty quality is due to that clip being shot from the video camera on my cell phone.
3) Never mind the "Howard-Deanesque" yelp at the end. I don't know who the fuck that crazy kid is anyway. Hah. ;)

UPDATE: Yet another pic - what a fun table, eh?
From bottom to top those are a pre-ban AK-47 (my favorite), my .45, and that not-so-fat-kid is shooting a savage arms .223, outfitted with a police-issue sniper barrel and sniper scope. For reference, one guy was hitting 9" balloons at 300 (laser ranged) yards, in 25+ mph winds, on his first shot with that firearm.

Evil. Simply evil.