January 20, 2004

Dean's goose is cooked

I'm literally crying after watching this video of Howard Dean in a full on tirade.

And, on a more serious note: Who's next?

I'm 99% convinced that I don't have to do any more Dean bashing, b/c, let's admit it folks, in order to win the presidency, you have to win the heart lands - Dean's rash of blow ups, combined with his anxiety attacks when presented with responsibility are just going to see more and more light as time (and this "race") march along.

I'm kind of thinking Kerry is the new front runner, regardless that he won the Iowa thing. With Clark starting to bash Kerry's military record we should see some more mud-slinging from the Kerry camp, but I think Kerry will come out ahead. His potential waffling points are his support (and subsequent) for UN Resolution 1441, which he has since back tracked on, being so easily "duped" by our President. My questions is, if our President can dupe him, how hard is it going to be for the Chinese or the Koreans? Bzzt - Wrong answer Haughty French Looking Guy from Massachusetts who, by the way, also served in Vietnam.

I guess Clark could come out and lead some polls, but the guy's too much of an idiot to do much permanent damage. Plus, he got fucking FIRED from the UN's top position after he tried to start WW3 with the Russians. I'm sure we'll be hearing more about that in the coming weeks.

Honestly, I dont know much about the other candidates, which probably means they won't win. Hmph.

It is interesting noticing how the media is approaching all the "press reactions" - they really DO want a horse race.