January 19, 2004

Blogroll's working again!

Big thanks to Johvan for diggin through my code to figure out that I'm an idiot. Hah! Looks like titles for blogs in my blogroll can't be more than 8 words. And if they are, well, your blog roll suicides itself. Hmph.

In any case, light blogging lately for a number of reasons. Too much shit to do at work, too much shit to do at home, and the weather's been too damn nice to spend much time inside.

I would be posting more pics from my kick ass camera phone - if the sprint whore-gods weren't trying to charge me an extra $5 / month for the priveledge. I'm still gonna sign up for it, b/c it's fun, but it's pretty shitty of them to give you the service free for like 2 FUCKING DAYS then just cut it off like that. Weak sauce.

Hope all is well with all you guys. If any of you have "blog banners" that you'd like me to link to, email them to me. Johvan showed me how to set one up - so "Milblogs" is my first.