December 01, 2003

Wilderness pics!

These pictures are rather large - full resoultion on a 4 megapixel camera - basically not for the "bandwidth challenged". Enjoy!

Just gonna post a few of my more favorite pictures.

This first pic is closer to the top of the trail I took, from "Upper Pines" Campground, past the two falls, then up John Muir to Half Dome. This is actually coming back down, and is of a nice wooded trail - #1 or #2 on my list of favorite pics.

This second picture was also taken on the way down (as with all my pics) - close to one of the two falls (I forget which) was this scenic rock wall. Psh, whatever, I like it. :b

Third pic is a layout of one of the falls - the frozen water on the side of the falls was pretty cool. I can just imagine the first freeze of the year for this, must be totally beautiful.

The final picture I'm posting here is potentially my favorite. Interestingly enough this was taken on my drive OUT of the park on Saturday. I was paying more attention than I normally do and saw this serene river right off the side of the road, so I parked the car, jumped out, jumped a fence, and snapped this one. Came out pretty good IMO.

All things considered, a kick ass trip. Froze my ass off, busted up my achilles on my 18 mile (round trip) hike up to, and back from Half Dome. The drive to and fro wasn't too bad, about 6 going up, 7 coming back. Net net net, already thinking of planning a summer trip. Though the cold didn't bother me so much as to not do another winter trip, 1) I'd like to bring someone with me next time, 2) I hear there's a better "party scene" in the summer and 3) I'd like to be able to go with less clothing (not 15 layers).

Until then...