December 23, 2003

So, kinda funny story from yesterday

Last Friday I went out for a "team dinner" at a local italian restaurant (niiiiiiiiice place). Being the italian food snob that I am, and not seeing my favorite dish (veal saltimbocca) I asked our server to see if the chef had any idea what it was. As an alternative, I ordered the lasagna. Well, I got the saltimbocca, and it was a close second for "best I've ever had" - which is saying a lot.

Well, as I liked it so much, I came back in on Monday AM and was telling someone about "one of the best damn veal dishes I've ever had" - when this groan eminates from behind me.

Now, I know my stomach makes noises b/c of my ulcer, but, this was no stomach. I turn around to see our new admin giving me the vegetarian "stare of death". I immediately start to laugh, knowing full well what this is about, and pose the question, "What are you, a vegan?" - followed by more laughing on my part. Go ahead, guess the response, it was something like, "Actually. Yes."

With 200% surety, this was headed downhill. Fast. I decided to nip in in the bud and told her that it wasn't even 9:00 yet, and I most certainly was NOT getting in this conversation with her over something as asinine as her dietary preferences. She went for the rebuttal, "Do you know how they TREAT those baby cows?", and I walked away. Laughing some more. And as a parting shot, I sent her a link from our friend over at maddox.xmission.

Yes, I know I'm a bastard. I'm over it, why aren't you? :P