December 10, 2003

Physical Therapy: II (and then some...)

The Achilles has been feelin alright for about the last week (better and better every day). THEN I went on a site inspection today up in Torrance - no big deal, just had to *walk* about 25 units, shouldn't have been a problem. Well, I don't know how I did it, but somehow I pissed off my achilles BAD walking to the *first* unit. The next two hours were spent cruising up and down flights of stairs and running all over this 10 acre property - all in all must've been about 3 miles, on the messed up leg. Oof. Went to the PT guy tonight, got my shit checked out - the tendon was all inflamed, so he stretched it out some, some more ultrasound, some more stretching, some ice, and a SICK tape job. I feel great again! Woo hoo! I've got 2 appts scheduled for next week. In any case, now, getting to what you've all been reading for: the "front desk chick". As I mentioned in my previous post, I was gonna make a conscious effort to check the left hand ring-finger to see if it was cool to chat her up. Well, lets just say I found this "true-to-scale" picture.


DISCLAIMER: From here on in, this post gets serious, and rather grumpy. Thanks for the reminder (and the KICK ASS! "title pic" Chad!)

So, honestly, why the fuck do girls always want to get married so fuckin early? I hear the whole "biological clock" argument, but WTF. Maybe I'm just immature, but shit, I'm 25 and though I've come a *long* way since 18 in terms of relationships, however I still can't see my lame ass getting married within the next 10 years. I got too much shit to do! Between starting my real-estate empire, living in NorCal at some point, living in NYC at some point, living in TX at some point (don't ask), and spending some *serious* time in Alaska, who the fuck is gonna wanna follow my fat ass around? B/c God knows I don't see myself compromising any of my life aspirations for anyone at this point (and maybe that's the problem, eh?). Though it's nice to be "unencumbered" at times, at other times it sucks some pretty fat, hemherroid-ridden ass. I mean, I *DO* actually have a good time going camping in Yosemite by myself (for example) - which absolutely horrifies some people. Alternatively, stick me in the corner with a book and I can bop till I drop. At other times, all I want is someone to share things with - whether it be feelings, experiences, joy, pain, whatever - it's the act of sharing that's important, it's the catharsis. I guess I want someone to care and listen, but I don't want to be beholden - is that an oxymoron? As much as I say I have that with my friends, I do and I don't. Does anyone else ever wonder what your "friends" would think of you if they didn't get the "watered-down" version? I do, and I withdraw b/c most people can barely handle "fat kid light" - so I make the compromise to have some semblance of companionship - but how real is it, who am I fooling, and WHY?!? How shitty, huh. That was a rhetorical question. :b

In any case, I don't know why I went off on that tangent. I must sound like a little bitch, but damn it all if shit doesn't build up in every one of us - I guess it just takes me longer to "let it out", as it goes. "The little one" would probably laugh that I have to vent to the internet. QED I guess, hah.