December 04, 2003

Physical Therapy: I

So, I have to admit, I went to this thing not expecting much more than a 1) stay off it, 2) ice it and 3) come back in a week so I can charge your insurance another $200. Let's just say I was pleasantly surprised.

First off, the guy who "runs the show" is an avid cyclist (like myself), a surfer, an MTB racer and many other things that I'm also into. So, he's cool shit. On top of that, he's also a very nice guy. That would have been enough to keep me satisfied, but no, he had the obligatory really really really cute girl working at the front desk. In any case, I'm sittin there chatting about how the injury occurred (my stupid ass pushing myself too hard - as usual), and he was having me walk around, probing the achilles and other shit. He sets me down to give me some ultrasound with some special anti-inflammatory gel. He looks at me, see's me checkin front desk girl out, and mentions, "Hey, why don't you come back here and help out Mr. Murphy with his ultrasound". WOOHOO! The "cool" factor of this guy just went up 10-fold. Hah. She comes over, starts preppin me, and we're just chattin away. Found out some fun stuff, but stupid me, I forgot to look for a friggin ring. Gahd-damn.

In any case, real nice girl, real pretty and seemed pretty damn cool. Gotta make it a point to try and get her # next time I head back there. I'm usually shy about shit like that, but I gotta get over my stupidity at some point, right?

Net net net, I'm catching the tendonitis at a very early stage, it hasn't yet traveled up the achilles itself, which would be a *very* bad thing (entailing surgery). Doc's got me on Vioxx, apparently some heavy anti-inflammatory prescription stuff. Stretch twice a day, ice twice a day, go easy on the tendon, I guess I can get some easy biking in (but no hills). I should be good to go in a couple weeks if I want to baby it.

I'll keep you schmoes posted.

Oh yeah, and keep your eyes posted tomorrow for a post on african ants. I saw a show tonight on these things that Heh.