December 14, 2003

Like a rat

Saddam Hussein is caught.

So I come home from another long night of partying (ironically showing a recently-home-from-Iraq Marine a good time in downtown laguna) only to find out that, yes, we have finally caught THE goat-fucker.

Congratulations Iraq, thank you United States.

There are so many great new/blog posts out there, I'm not even gonna bother giving my $.02 on this. All I hope is that we keep that asshole safe for his trial by the iraqi people. I'm really looking forward to the reaction of both the angry left and the international community - if what Hamas has said is any indication of anything, I think the next year should be pretty interesting. In any case, I do want to share the best photoshop I've seen to date on Saddam's capture:

And my caption: "Hey Chirac, ya like apples?"

Update: In celebration of catching Saddam, I went out and bought some champagne - 5th from the bottom. I'll take some digi pics tonight, and hopefully get them up tomorrow.

I've had a shit-eating grin on my face ALL DAY. How wonderful.

UPDATE: A pic of the oh so tasty bottle.