December 04, 2003

"It appears we have a serial horse-rapist"

I shit you not, this appears to be a real story.

What is *almost* more disturbing is the AIM conversation that the story prompted. (names erased to protect the guilty - but you know who you are you sick sick sick fuckers! LOL)

[16:50] Pervert1: wth? they cant even come close to the lenght [sic] of a horses dick
[16:50] Friend: what?
[16:51] Pervert1: have you seen a horses dick in full eretion [sic]?
[16:51] Friend: ... yeah?
[16:51] Pervert1: its like 3-4 feet
[16:51] Friend: ... yeah?
[16:51] Pervert1: yeah
[16:51] Friend: I dont follow you...
[16:53] Friend: ?
[16:53] Pervert1: a human dick wont go deep enough
[16:53] Friend: for what?
[16:53] Pervert1: wasnt that guy doing the horses/
[16:53] Pervert1: ?
[16:53] Friend: yeah... not for the horses pleasure though! hahahahaha
[16:53] Pervert1: true haha
[16:53] Pervert1: didnt think about it that way

^ W.T.F part: II