December 15, 2003

I don't think I'm a particularly "angry" person

But, I just got back from picking up lunch, and that made the second time in about 14 hours that I've come close to fighting someone over something stupid (note: about 7 of those 14 hours were spent sleeping).

Last night leaving "the last samurai" with KE some asshole in a Rav4 (or equivalent) was hauling ASS through the parking lot, people weren't quite jumping out of the way, but it was clear he wasn't slowing down/stopping for anyone. Well, he just so happened to have to slow down to round a corner and get by my walking ass. Well, he cut it really close, so what did I do, stick out my keys. Heh. I intentionally didn't try and get his car, but it was more of a gesture for the 15 other people he was trying to plow through. Well, Mr. Big Bad Ass driver didn't think it was funny, so he slammed his brakes and got out of the car. For some unknown reason my first response was to start walking towards him and say "I didn't get it asshole, get back in your car". LOL. I'd have to confirm with KE but this guy out-weighed me by probably 100 lbs, and about 6". Kept walking towards him saying "look, look" pointing accusingly. I guess this guy must've felt stupid or something b/c he got back in his car and left, and I dont think he said one word.

So, that was story one. Here is story two.

Lunch at the local mexican place. There are two registers serving customers. Ok, *every* time I've *ever* been there (approaching 100 times) one cue forms, and you simply take whichever register is first. Common courtesy in large line venues IMO. Well, I'm next in line, and some dude comes charging over to register two - right in front of me. So, I inform him that there's a line, and he needs to get in it. He gets all confrontational with me saying, "Well I'm gonna make you choose, which line you gonna be in", and my response "I choose this one line that everyone else is in, and you're going to get behind me again". Well, we went back and forth like that for about 20-30 seconds, and I stopped him mid-sentence and said "You know what, I'm gonna let YOU be the asshole today - go ahead dick". Heh. Apparently he didn't like being called a dick, and protested some.

Net net net, he ordered his food, I winked at him when he went to pick it up - the register ladies saw the whole thing go down, and as a net result, I got my food first.

The question is, what IS it with people like that? The assholes that are in such a fucking rush that they just try and run you over, or cheat to get ahead any way possible? I don't consider myself a particularly violent person, but when people go out of their way to act like dicks, I call them on it. Worse more, these people are all show and no go. The guy from the movie was MUCH bigger than me, and backed down. I stood up to the chin on the guy at lunch today, and he had me by a good 60 lbs probably - and he didn't do shit, even after I called him names in front of a bunch of people.

Again, maybe it's just me being a dick, but the last 24 hours have been entertaining at the least.