November 12, 2003

New office yesterday

Seeing as how this is my first job out of college, and this is my first office with this job, I have reason to celebrate. Yeah, it only took me three years to get here, but I'm still the youngest in my company with one - so that's cool. There are a couple downsides to it though:

1) I'm no longer sitting next to the coolest (and hot) admin that I was before, so I don't get to hear her crazy sex stories.
2) My desk space was reduced by approximately 75%. For those of you who have seem my room/workspace, you know how much I LOOOOVE my desk space. So, again, that sucks.
3) The office is the smallest on the floor, b/c the guy next to me has the largest non-corner office.
4) The furniture must be from 1912 - and not "oh, its' good antique 1912" - more like "that shit is beat". Heh.

All things considered though, I think it's going to be a positive thing:

1) Much less distraction with being able to close the door and jam to music.
2) I can now keep cold beer within arms reach
3) I have a window
4) Respect
5) New furniture
6) The set up (less desk space) will force me to organize

Good times, pics forthcoming.