November 07, 2003

Never lend your "friends" your Blockbuster card

Went with my buddy (early in the summer) to rent a couple movies down by his place. He said he had some late fees on his card (warning sign #1) so could we use mine. OK, but I made him promise me he'd return them. Done, no big deal. About a MONTH later, I start getting calls from Blockbuster that I owe them like $80, from their Newport Beach store. << drumroll >> Guess who was resposnsible for that? Kid never returned the movies.

After playing the blame game for a day or two, with him trying to shift responsibility to his brother, I eventually got him to (supposedly) pay the late fees. It would appear this event is over.

Then the mail came yesterday.

Wouldn't you know "Credit Protection Association, L.P." sent me an official looking letter, informing me that my account is past due $36.98. Effing wonderful.

I guess the process is for me to call the store directly, confirm my 'friend' DID ever pay ANY late fee. Then take it from there.

How lame. How utterly lame.