November 21, 2003

Just thinking about the "angry left"

First off, and off-topic, I wonder why it is I do most of my clear thinking while driving into work. *shrugs*

In any case, we've talked before about how the "angry left" is a relatively new phenomenon. In recent memory (at least to my knowledge, which is admittedly limited) there has never been such a partisan (and polarizing) difference in the "opposing political elements" as it were. I mean, we see Democrats going against every measure this administration tries to push through - whether it be Medicare reform, which the Dems are against b/c it steals their thunder with the retirees, to Iraq, which the Dems really don't have any plan for anyways, besides to bash Bush, and hope more soldiers are killed so it "sends a message" to "wake up" the US public (assuming that the US public are the ones who need "waking up" of course). We see repeated filibusters of judicial nominees on strictly partisan grounds - in some cases even referring to prestigious acclaimed judicial nominees as "neanderthals". Has 1/2 of our major political system been relegated to name-calling? Seriously Teddy Kennedy, whats with the hate speech? In other circles, we see protestors lining up with Mao'ists, socialists, communists, greenpeace activists and their ilk in support of murderous tyrannical dictators and despots. I wonder if any of them actually know that the Communist "revolution" actually killed many more innocents than did the Nazi's. And what would be worse, their knowing support of that, or their ignorance (actually it's ignorance either way you cut it). What we see with ALL of these acts is a willingness to refute REALITY in order to further an impotent political agenda.

Many of us in the blogosphere talk about how AM radio and conservative talk shows are the crux of the new conservative movement in the US. Al Gore recognizes this, and is in the process of trying to acquire a media license so he can start his own liberal talk show. Conservatives typically mock this idea for a number of reasons, primarily however due to the fact that a liberal will NEVER win an argument with an informed, intelligent conservative. Liberal arguments are based on feelings, everything from gun control legislation to pro-choice campaigns. Their arguments are shown to be false under fastidious fact-checking and OBJECTIVE research. One of the reasons the blogosphere is so important is b/c it is able to reveal (as an "independent third party") the mistruths and spin that EITHER party uses to further its agenda.

My contention from the drive in this morning is that the angry left isn't actually a new phenomenon, it is more of a by product of this conservative revolution we're seeing. Rush Limbaugh is credited with acting as a catalyst of this movement, but consider what there was before him - no opposing view point to tender any assertion made by liberals. With the advent of blogging, which is clearly dominated by the conservative stand point, and the ever strengthening influence of AM radio, what we are seeing is not a shift, but an awakening almost. Many people who just sat back on the sidelines watching the liberal political circus are now speaking up. The fact that conservatives have recently taken over control of the Office of the President, Congress, the House and won a vast majority of Gubernatorial races speaks to this 'awakening' of the American. This has the looney fringes of the left back on their heels. For so long they were just an accepted part of the "mainstream left" - but now, the pendulum is swinging and the spectrum has shifted, meanwhile they are out on the fringe finding everything they say/believe in under attack from an emerging column that is gaining momentum. They've never had fact thrown in their faces to dispute arguments before, and I've got to imagine getting shut down regularly (in a harsh manner) has got to be infuriating.

In summary, the angry left has always been there, now they just have a label, and have been called out for what they are and what we are seeing these days is their natural illogical response to the freight train that is modern conservatism.